Sunday, July 10, 2011

18 (:

so i just turn 18 (: yay me !!! lol
ever since i was a freshmen in highschool i told my self that i would play the lotto and see if id win.
i was hoping since i had it planned for so long..... and i do seem to have very good luck id win at least $5 but, i was soooo wrong . i won notting and it was hard to understand. ugh.. SMH !! <------ shake my head..

other than not winning any money i guess my birthday was alright. notting to brag about just another year and another lame birthday. -_____-

Monday, June 27, 2011

domo kun & hello kitty love child ! Smh

so domo kun and hello kitty after a few dates end up with a love child. SMH... i thought kitty  
would be more responsible. but who can say no to that big smile. haha. their intimate love child name is "domo kitty" hmm original... i lie, any ideas for a name ? i liked heldoma kitty i dont know can you guys do any better. But i wont lie this is a very cute family. too cute !!
welp, comment me any names for this new doll . xoxoxo Me <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Of My Summer !

SO, I THOUGHT THE HANGOVER WAS FUNNY UNTILL I WATCHED THIS MOVIE TOP OF THE LINE HUMOR. For people who haven't seen it, What are you waiting for ? I was laughing throughout the movie none stop giggles on almost every part. well id totally watch it again.  (: